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Poplar – Poplar is the favorite choice if you are going to paint your grilles. It is the smoothest wood and it does not have a grain pattern that is hard to fill when you paint. It is harder than pine and less likely to get dings and dents. When poplar is stained it tends to blotch, less so if you seal the wood first with a conditioner. Poplar will not hold up as well if the grilles are to be used outside.

Oak – Oak is the wood of choice if you are going to stain and varnish your grilles. Oak is the hardest wood and stains very nicely. It can be stained to match the woodwork in your home. Not as weather resistant as pine, but oak can be used outside.

Pine – Pine is the wood to use if your grilles are going to be placed outside. Painted pine holds up very well to the weather. Your window frame is likely to be made from pine. Pine is softer than poplar or oak. Pine does not take stain as well as oak but does better than poplar if sealed with a conditioner first.

Other Woods – We can make your grilles out of mahogany, cherry, or any other wood you like but there would be a set up charge of around $100 to do so

We have wood choices from poplar, oak, pine or other woods for your window grids replacement. Call us at 330-340-9232 for details on replacement window grilles.