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Inset Grilles

Full Surround Grilles

Thank you for choosing our Inset Grilles. These are our frameless knock down window grilles that provide an economical alternative to our full surround grilles. These are shipped in a tube and some simple assembly is required. They will be shipped with Spoke Style Grille Pins or self-adhesive velcro strips in your preferred color. UPS charges will be added to your order. Refer to the diagram below to fill out the order form. All measurements must be exact as we manufacture the grilles 1/32 of an inch less than your daylight opening.

Our standard muntins are square lite but we can taper lite the ends of the muntin at any angle needed to perfectly match your window frame. The cost is $0.50 per lite but it really dresses up the fit. It puts the inset grille on par with the full surround but still at a fraction of the cost. A 6 pane grille in full surround would be $72.00, $30.00 for the standard inset square ends, and $33.00 in the inset with the ends cut at a taper. You also save by not needing an expensive shipping crate and associated shipping cost with the full surround.

Thank you for choosing our Full Surround Grilles. These are our finest grilles. The outer frame gives both strength and adds a high quality finished look to your window. These grilles are shipped assembled and require a UPS-able shipping crate. You may order these grilles either unfinished or finished in one of five Sherwin Williams S64 wiping stain colors or white. Contact us if you prefer to match your custom color and we will return a quote to you.

The outer rim of our full surround Grilles are tapered so that no crack of light in seen between the Grilles and your window sash when the grilles are mounted to your windows. We cut the outer edge of our full surround Grilles 1/8” larger than you glass size and the taper of your window sash makes for a nice fit. Look at Picture 2 on our Photo Gallery. Click to enlarge then click again to enlarge further. Test fit one of our free sample Grilles to your window sash to see if this tapered fit will work with your windows. It will with most windows. If you have a square edge on your window sash, we will cut the outer edge of the full surround Grille to be 1/32” less than your glass size.

The top half of a double hung window often requires a cutout for the lock or dual locks found on wide windows. Other window grille manufacturers leave you to remove the upper grille if you want to unlock your window. We take it a step further and will rout a lock recess at no extra charge, allowing you to open your window without removing the grille. If you are not going to be opening your windows or your style does not require the lock rout (check sample), leave it off. If your windows require it, specify if it is a center lock rout or a dual lock rout, indicating the distance from the center of the window to the center of the desired lock rout.

Queen Anne style grilles may not stay in place with just the metal clips if their length is excessive as there is not enough support to keep the outer frame from flexing. In this case, push pins or velcro strips will be needed to hold the frame in place.


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