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Check our wholesale prices for decorative window grilles, replacement window grids, and french door grids.

Our price for full surround decorative grills and french door grids is $12.00 per lite in poplar or pine and $13.00 per lite in oak. We offer professional finishing of our decorative window grills consisting of a hand wiped coat of Sherwin Williams S64 Wiping Stain followed by three coats of Catalyzed Conversion Varnish or paint for an additional charge of $5.25 per lite. Your custom color can be matched for a minimal additional charge. Full surround decorative window grills require a UPSable shipping crate at the cost of $30 to $80 per order depending on the size of the grilles and the order quantity. You will also be billed for the shipping charges.

Our price for 5/8″ frameless inset wood window grids (KD Knock Down) is $5.00 per lite in poplar or pine and $6.00 in oak. Our finishing charge for staining and clear coating or painting is $3.50 per lite. Frameless inset wood window grids will be shipped in a free sturdy cardboard tube with you paying the shipping charges.

Call us at 330-340-9232 if you have any pricing questions concerning window grids replacement on our window grid inserts.