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Inset window grid inserts and french door grids.

Use caution if you dry-fit the muntins together before they are ready to be glued as it may be difficult to take them back apart. Check to see that each horizontal and each vertical muntin fits between the window sashes. If the decorative window grills have been pre-finished, scrape any dried varnish or paint from the mating surfaces with a sharp utility knife. Pre-layout the muntins, noticing which parts go where. Add a large drop of Elmer’s white glue to the bottom muntin and smear around on the vertical edges with a toothpick. Push the parts together with your hands, twisting them slightly side-to-side. Using a rubber mallet, not a steel hammer, tap the top muntin directly over the joint until the top muntin is flush with the bottom muntin. Wipe away any excess glue with a damp paper towel. Repeat the process for the rest of the joints. Allow the custom window grilles to dry overnight.

Inset wood window grids can be attached to your window with either spoke style grille pins which can be seen in the photo gallery section or with Velcro.  If applying with the pins, place the custom window grille in place and push the grille pin into your window frame. If applying with Velcro, apply a one inch piece of Velcro to a 3/4 inch piece. Hold the custom window grille up to the window, marking where the mating pieces of Velcro will go. Remove custom window grille and attach Velcro to the glass. Let the adhesive on the back of the Velcro cure 24 hours before attempting to pull the custom window grille away from the window. If you are finishing the custom window grilles yourself, allow the finish to cure several days before attaching the Velcro.

Inset Window Grille Instructions