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There are several methods of attaching our replacement window grilles to your windows. If you have wood inner frame windows or certain type of vinyl clad windows, our full surround wood window grilles are attachable with metal clips. When you request a sample wood window grille, we will include a metal clip to see if it will work with your window. Alternative methods of attaching the wood window grilles are with push pins as seen in the photo gallery or with self-adhesive Velcro strips, which we provide in black, white, brown, beige or clear. The push pins will be pre-drilled at the factory and a grommet inserted.  Please review the instructions below on how to attach the custom window grilles using the metal clips.

Click here to download these instructions

Full Surround Window Grille Installation Instructions

Call us at 330-340-9232 if you have any questions concerning the installation of our window grille inserts or window grid inserts.