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Heartcent Heirlooms & Reproductions is the premier producer of window grilles in the United States. Our workshop, located in the heart of Amish Country, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, is staffed by skilled master craftsmen who specialize in building some of the finest heirloom quality furniture coming from this area.

We have been the exclusive producer of wood window grilles, wood window grills, window grids, window bars, muntins, mullions, french door grids, patio door grids, colonial window grilles, residential window grilles, decorative window grids, divided lights, window decorations or however they may be known for one of the major window manufacturers in the United States.  Recently we have made our products directly available to architects, builders and homeowners who want the finest window grilles made at wholesale prices.

Before you order window grilles from any source, you owe it to yourself to allow us to send you a free sample grille. Just click on FREE SAMPLE , then you can decide if you want your window grille made on an assembly line or hand crafted by a master craftsman. Other manufacturers of custom window grilles offer pine as their standard wood and add a sizable up-charge for those who want a hardwood. Pine is a softwood that is susceptible to dings and dents. Our standard wood is poplar, which is a hardwood. However, we offer oak for a small up-charge and we do stock pine as there are a few instances when pine might be the preferred choice. See our Wood Choices under Addition Information for further explanation. We can do this because we are in the midst of many small Amish lumber mills that provide hardwoods at pine prices.

Click on our Quote/Order Form and you will be pleasantly surprised by our reasonable prices. If you would like more information, click on the Additional Information link, or give us a call at 330-340-9232 to learn more about replacement window grides.